Helen Warner

Helen Warner is a new gallery artist.


The Critique

Art history is multifaceted by nature and in the study of art we learn to categorise art and artists, to group and gather like minds and forms of expression in an attempt to better understand what we are challenged with. Helen Warner, however, is not an artist that can be easily defined or included within the scope of a single artistic movement. We are confronted with a juxtaposition of powerful emotion, embraced by the very delicate and feminine touch of the artist’s intrinsic nature.

In essence, we encounter a window that is also a mysterious mirror. The viewer is able to see the artist’s heart in motion, while meandering into an endless reflection of their own souls. It is true that inspiration for art can have many roots, but it is apparent that Warner’s paintings are a product of love, joy and spontaneity. The viewer is touched in a unique way leading towards the belief that Warner’s artworks are not to be merely observed and evaluated, rather their examination must be based on the transmission of feeling.

Albeit, the intellectual study behind the compositions is highly relevant. We see an intense observation of form that in philosophy is reminiscent of Plato, forms that we are able to see but to which we do not have access. In fact, in the academic analysis of Helen’s work, we re-live the philosophical experiment in which the forms come to life in our minds but always remain out of reach.

From an artistic perspective, one can of course see a strong influence from the 20th Century. In fact, Helen Warner is an inspiring manifestation of British contemporary art and an explicit celebration of the artistic geniuses of the modern era. We see De Chirico’s metaphysics in some works, touches of Kandinsky and elements of cubism in others. These artworks are characterised by powerful application of form and careful choice of tones, that with intensity and depth communicate strong emotions and accompany the viewer into a breathtaking world that exists halfway between the conscious and subconscious minds.

The result of Helen’s art is, however, a very personal and unique expression that is able to provoke thought while speaking to our inner personalities. Through these artworks we are able to travel into a world of dreams, unreal in substance but capable of inspiring deep emotions. A true artist to discover and a stimulating journey to undertake.

Timothy Warrington
European Confederation of Art Critics

About Timothy Warrington

Timothy Warrington was born in Birmingham in 1944 and is a critical writer and curator based in London.

Mr. Warrington’s career has taken him all around the world in the search for art to exhibit in London. He was part of the organisation that hosted the largest and most important exposition of Bulgarian art ever curated outside Bulgaria, showing 300 artists. The exhibition was hosted in collaboration with the Bulgarian Embassy in London and was inaugurated by the Bulgarian Ambassador Mr Stancoff.

The Slovenian Printmakers Exhibition was another reminder of the wonderful talent that Timothy brought to London, artists that are recognised and respected all around the world. “Italian Views” at the Lord Leighton Museum, curated by Timothy, was also a great success and a spotlight into contemporary Italian Art from institutions such as the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, Academy of Fiorino in Florence and The Academy of Fine Art in Rome.

Mr Warrington has curated numerous books and writes opinions and exhibition critiques in the UK and the USA. Notably, he was responsible for the main publication related to Brian Willsher’s Bronzes, an artist who taught at the Tate and was praised by Sir Henry Moore as an artistic genius.

Timothy’s critical writing is very sophisticated – he has the power to translate the artist’s thoughts to the viewer with extreme clarity and competence. He was a member of the jury of Chianciano International Art Award alongside people like Gerard Bruneau who started his career wih Andy Warhol.

To view the catalogue of paintings by Helen Warner visit please http://www.hayhill.com/docs/warner.html

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