Hay Hill Gallery presents international contemporary and modern arts choosing talented artists worldwide. At Hay Hill Gallery we believe that art is life enhancing and that accessing the benefits of art ownership does not require a degree in art history and need not always break the bank. Our choice of art is not narrowed to one specific era, genre or style. Instead we seek to bring to our clients a wide range of art of the highest calibre and quality, produced by artists in whom we believe, and who continue to demonstrate a clear commitment to their concepts and ideas. We at Hay Hill Gallery prefer to exhibit established artists but we also like to experiment with emerging artists working mostly on canvases and board. Styles can vary from hyperrealism to abstract.

We are fortunate to show plenty of sculpture and to exhibit sculptors who work in a range of media – bronze, steel, iron, aluminium, fibreglass, stone, resin, etc. Styles of sculptures vary from classical and neo-classical forms to a celebration of popular culture. There is something for everyone with a wide price range from emerging artists to famous masters.


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